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Baking food packaging goes to the era of paper Paper materials have great potential for development

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2018/04/11 08:36
Baking food adopts paper packaging or becomes a new trend of green development Paper and cardboard as the substrate of the paper packaging, with low cost, saving resources, easy mechanical...
Baking food adopts paper packaging or becomes a new trend of green development
    Paper and cardboard as the substrate of the paper packaging, with low cost, saving resources, easy mechanical processing, more environmentally friendly, non-polluting, easy recycling, recycling and other advantages. Whether it is a carton used for transport packaging, or a carton or paper bag used to sell the outer packaging of products, paper materials are the first choice. With the development of papermaking technology and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, traditional single paper materials are developing in the direction of compounding and diversification. With the continuous development of composite paper, functional special paper and non-polluting plant fiber paper, the function and applicability of paper materials are no longer comparable. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals, culture and education supplies, hardware products, daily necessities, cigarettes, and foods. , Handicrafts, cosmetics, small home appliances and other products have replaced the packaging of other materials.
    Under the current homogeneity trend of various commodities, packaging has become an important factor in the promotion of sales and the establishment of brand image after the quality of goods and after-sales services. The packaging has improved the value of its products, shaped the brand, and promoted sales from its original features of product protection and convenience. Packaging design has become an important part of the product marketing plan. As the first paper packaging for the four major packaging (paper, plastic, metal, glass), along with the continuous development of paper materials and its processing technology, the shape of styling has become more diverse and more innovative.
    The proper and practical structure and novelty of appearance have become an important factor in increasing the market competition of products and brands. Excellent paper packaging will break through the limitations of past paper packaging, give full play to the advantages of paper's good physicality and printability, and fully demonstrate the packaging, protection, convenience, display, and aesthetics of paper packaging. With the characteristics of economic applicability, increase the added value of products and increase sales ability.
    Packaging paper from production to recycling, including processing technology, storage and transportation environment, marketing display, consumer use and recycling of all aspects. The technical requirements and functional requirements of each link are the main basis for wrapping paper design. These key paper-making factors are interrelated and mutually restrictive and require designers to conduct in-depth research. The recent rise of folding cartons requires more preparation of similar systems. Suitable for industrial production folding program design, cutting, indentation, slotting, one-time molding, spreading, folding, display display, portable and easy to use.
    The selection of paper materials is also the key to creating excellent packaging paper types. The current papermaking process is quite advanced, and paper materials have evolved from the traditional single-variety variety and functional specialization. For example, the paper used for food packaging includes water absorption, waterproof, heat preservation, solar energy conversion, fruit residue paper, bean dregs, carrot paper, long-lasting mildew-proof paper, fresh-keeping paper, can, paper, acrylic synthetic paper, and foam paper. New paper materials such as sticky wrapping paper and hard light wrapping paper. Different contents have their own special requirements for packaging paper, including the requirements of the packaging regulations and the characteristics of the business itself, so the packaging designer should be more specific about the structure, orientation, weight and thickness of various paper materials. To understanding. Proper use of the characteristics of the paper can perfectly create an amazing wrapper type.
    Learn from the "Origami Art" modeling rules to create a unique and unique paper-based packaging. Bend, fold, roll, cut, intersperse, join, indent, extend, insert, paste, transfer, enclose, and auxiliary tools are the basis of the paper-based packaging. Line type and volume are the appearance characteristics of the paper-type form. Combining the modeling language of paper art with the paper-type packaging structure, the effect and function of the cutting line, folding line, plane, and hollow surface of the paper material are utilized to make the modeling structure beautiful to achieve the effect of beautifying the commodity. Based on the feasible paper-type processing technology, carefully designing the cover and lock bottom, opening windows, handles, partitions and other functional packaging structures, saving materials, reducing costs and storage and transportation, and facilitating exhibitions, which will benefit customers' consumption and use.
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